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ITD strives to be the best supplier in your supply chain. Period. Let us develop a relationship with you to supply your company with the parts you need, at a competitive, consistent price. 

Our Goal

First company selfie at National Industrial Fastener Show in Vegas October 2015.

Two future salesmen for the company.  

Jaegher and Channing cheering on the Huskers vs. Iowa. It was 5 below!

Jaegher with his first place wrestling trophy in his last 8th grade tournament. 

Brent grew up in the hardware business for most of his life. When he was 10, his parents purchased their first hardware store in 1983. Brent grew up behind the counter, learning excellent customer service throughout his adolescent years. 

In 1992, Brent went off to college and earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution from the University of Nebraska. Immediately following college in 1996, Brent took his first sales job in Denver, becoming the top salesman in his five state region in less than two years. 

Brent and Michelle Ogden, with their children, Jaegher, Channing, Aleigha, Dominick, and Kwayd.

Brent and Michelle freezing.

Jess joined ITD in May of 2015.  He brings over twelve years of industrial sales experience to the table and has personally serviced and managed accounts small and large. 

In addition to being familiar with manufacturing and construction from a salesman's perspective, Jess holds a degree in Architectural Drafting, a Bachelors degree in Industrial and Construction management, and spent two years as CMMS coordinator and purchaser in the manufacturing sector.

Side by side fun. 

Jess saved this little pig on the side of the road while out doing sales calls! He was sure cold! 

At ITD, we believe personal relationships with our customers lead to stronger business relationships, which will improve your bottom line. Let's work together!

Dominick getting a little too crazy. 

Our kinda Friday night lights!

Jess had been one of Brent's toughest competitors for years. Adding Jess to ITD seemed like a great way to grow the company, and keep a good salesman out of the competitions' hands. 

Jess has already helped expand ITD in customer base, by adding several of his old friends/customers to his account list. With many years of customer service, Jess is a great asset to the company, and an asset to his customers. Some of the ladies even think he is alright to look at. 

This guy....

Our little Kwaydo potato.

Kwayd is a big help digging post holes.

In 1998, Brent and Michelle purchased his parents' hardware store. Longing for raising their soon-to-be children in rural Nebraska, they set up shop in Atkinson. They immediately expanded their hardware business into electronics on the retail side, along with the expansion of business with manufacturers on the distribution side. 

In 2015, Brent and Michelle decided to focus their business on distribution, and ITD was born. Brent had always prioritized the distribution business, and formalizing the corporation was a necessary step to grow from a small hardware store to a large single-source distributor. 

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Dominick got lucky and missed this 8 foot dropoff by inches!!

Michelle and Kwayd meeting their new niece Kambry

Jess and Karla Slaymaker, with their children, Jamison and Kamrynn. 

Cheering on the Super Bowl Champs!! It was almost too cold for $8 beers.


Industrial Technology Distribution

Aleigha, aka Dad's sunshine, or Dad's lil pumpkin. Hay rack rides in the fall are some of our favorite times together.

Our Relationships

He might have to get used to those bars.




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We created ITD to give our manufacturing customers a competitive, consistent price, along with a personalized touch of customer service, that is missing in so many big companies today. 

Channing's scar after nearly losing his arm to infection.